Company Overview

NGL Supply Co. Ltd. is a full service wholesale marketer of natural gas liquids and crude oil. Its team of professionals covers the North American market to offer supply solutions for hundreds of customers. We pride ourselves on being able to offer customized programs specifically tailored to each customer's needs. Our rail fleet of 1700 cars is one of the largest in the sector, and still growing. Having recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, the company continues to build the foundation for continued growth. 


  • 1972 - NGL opened its Calgary office
  • 1978 - NGL opened its Sarnia office
  • 1989 - Merged with Westcan
  • 1998 - NGL Supply Terminals Company Ltd. (NGLT), a wholly owned US subsidiary, was formed
  • 1998 - NGLT constructed the Twig Propane Terminal in Twig, Minnesota
  • 1999 - NGL constructed Brigham Terminal in Brigham, Quebec
  • 2000 - NGLT opened a Denver office
  • 2005 - NGLT purchased the Crandon, WI propane terminal from Amerigas
  • 2009 - NGLT entered a JV with Hilgy's Gas to expand the Tomahawk, WI propane terminal
  • 2011 - NGL constructed Beauharnois Terminal in Beauharnois, Quebec
  • 2012 - NGL opened a Crude Oil trading desk in its Calgary office
  • 2012 - NGLT opened Tampa propane terminal
  • 2013 - NGLT acquired Milford Terminal
  • 2014 - NGL opened Mentone Terminal in Mentone, Indiana
  • 2015 - NGL will open Putnam Terminal in Putnam, Ontario in late summer