What makes NGL Supply Co. Ltd. different?

We know that we’re not the only company that provides full-service supply and logistics to Canada and the United States.

In fact, we’re not even the only one in the region.

So, what makes us different from any other supplier?

The NGL Supply Advantage.

The NGL Supply Advantage – as we’ve come to call it – is a simple phrase that’s at the core of everything we do at NGL Supply, from decisions about service and pricing to our relationships with you, our customer.

It’s at the heart of our commitment to offering you excellent, innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs.

And it’s at the root of our adaptability; whether you need propane by rail, butane by truck or olefins by pipe, we’ll always find a way to deliver. That is the NGL Supply Advantage.

A lifelong commitment to our customers

In 1972, we opened our doors in Calgary, Alberta with modest goals: to become a reliable supplier with a steadfast commitment to going the extra mile for our customers.

And 45 years later, NGL Supply has grown and developed into a truly international business, but our goals remain exactly the same: we still strive to ensure reliable supply and a personal touch for every single one of our customers.


Because we understand that every customer has unique, individual needs that can’t be handled with a cookie-cutter response or through filling out an online form.

You need an industry expert to get to know your business, the challenges you face and to put together a bespoke solution that works for you.

But beyond that, we also know that – whenever you need to talk or have a problem that needs solving – you don’t want to sit on the phone for hours or go through multiple call centres.

You want to pick up the phone, dial the exact person you need to talk to and get your problem sorted straight away. (So, that’s what we do – whenever you need us, we’re always just at the other end of the phone.)

That’s the NGL Supply Advantage – world-class service with a personal feel.

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