A little bit about NGL Supply Co. Ltd.

an international business with a small-town feel.

For the past five decades, the team here at NGL Supply Co. Ltd. has been providing natural gas liquids to customers across North America.

Every year, our team facilitates the delivery of 100,000 trucks to over 900 different cities, our fleet of 2,600 rail cars travel over 40 million miles to make 25,000 deliveries.

But, at our core, we’re still a local business.

And that’s why we’re still a privately-owned company.

We don’t believe that our customers should have to choose between dependable delivery and a personal service.

That’s why, no matter the size of our fleet, the number of trucks or the amount of product we move, we’ll always provide the personal service you’d expect from a local business.

In other words, if you need us, we’re just at the other end of the phone.

No long periods of time on hold, no being passed from person to person and no impersonal service.

The NGL Vision

At NGL Supply Co. Ltd, our vision and strategy has always been the same: to develop strong, long- standing relationships with our customers and suppliers based on trust, reliability and delivering a world-class service.

To do that, we work closely with every one of our customers to understand their businesses and challenges and to put together a solution that’s tailored to their needs. From there, it’s all about providing our customers with a world-class service, every single time.

And we’re proud of our reputation for doing just that.

A brief history of NGL Supply Co. Ltd:


NGL Supply Co. Ltd. (NGL) opened its doors for the first time in Calgary, Alberta.


After a very successful first few years, we opened a second office in Sarnia, Ontario.


NGL Supply Terminals Company (NGLT), a wholly owned US subsidiary, was formed.


Between 1998 and 1999, we constructed terminals in Twig, Minnesota and Brigham, Quebec.


NGLT opened an office in Denver, Colorado.


NGLT and NGL expand across North America, adding staff and assets. NGLT opened terminals in Mentone, Indiana, Proctor, Minnesota, Tomahawk, Wisconsin, & Milford, Virginia. NGL opened terminals in Beauharnois, Quebec and Putnam, Ontario.


The NGL Leadership Team

Across Canada and North America, the NGL Team is made up of hard-working professionals, each dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service under the guidance of our leadership team.

Webster is the president and Chief Executive Officer here at NGL Supply Co. Ltd. He’s been with NGL for 18 years. With over two decades of experience in oil and gas, he oversees all of our marketing and operations.

The President of NGL Supply Terminals Company and Executive Vice President of NGL Supply Co. Ltd. With over 28 years of industry experience, I oversee our US operations.

Executive Vice President and the Chief Commercial Officer of NGL Supply Co. Ltd. I have been with NGL for 17 years. With over two decades of experience, I oversee all all of our Eastern marketing.

I started my career here at NGL Supply Co. Ltd. over 16 years ago. I am the Vice President of Logistics and make sure that all our customers get their deliveries on time.


I have been here at NGL Supply Co. Ltd. for the best part of a decade. Currently, a Vice President and a leader in our Propane group, my responsibilities are to handle and oversee many of sales and supply for the Eastern markets.

With over 13 years of experience I am currently a Vice President and a leader in our Propane group. My responsibilities include overseeing supply and sales for western markets.

I have been in either transportation or energy my whole life. Currently, a Vice President in our marketing group as well the president of our US trucking operations.

I have been in accounting and finance for over a decade. Currently, our CFO, my responsibilities are to oversee accounting, finance and IT.

A seasoned veteran of the NGL Industry I spent the second half of my career at NGL Supply Co. Ltd as a principal and Executive Vice President. Serving as a director on the Executive Committee, was part of a team that was instrumental in building, and growing our organization. Now retired, I continue to serve on our board of directors.

I spent most of my career at NGL Supply Co. Ltd. building, nurturing and growing our entire organization, most recently as the president. Now retired, I continue to serve on our board of directors.