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A great career with NGL Supply Co. Ltd.

At NGL Supply Co. Ltd., we have been providing full- service NGL delivery across North America for the past five decades. We know that our success and reputation is built on the experience, dedication and hard work of our staff.

Across our offices in Canada and the United States, our employees work in an environment that promotes our corporate values: respect, teamwork and – most of all – providing a first class service for all our customers.

Why Join the NGL Team?

Hello, and thank you for considering a career with NGL Supply Co. Ltd.

At NGL , we know that we’re at our best when every member of the team is given the opportunities they need to continue learning, developing and growing.

That’s why – whether you’re a customer service assistant or a marketing analyst – we’ll always look for ways to provide you with challenging and meaningful work. We’ll also give you constant opportunities to continue your professional development and move forward in your career.

That way, every single member of the NGL Team is fully equipped to provide the best possible service to our industrial and commercial customers. But it’s not just about delivering the best service for our customers.

And it’s definitely not about coming in and punching your card. It’s about becoming part of the NGL family. (It’s a cliché, but it’s true.)

No matter how large we’ve grown over the course of the last half a century, we’ve always tried to maintain that tight-knit feel you get from working at a small business.

We want our team to love coming into work, to take pride in their duties and to always feel like they can ask for help when they need it. In other words, we’ll take the best care of you so that you can take the best care of our customers.

Looking forward to working together.

At NGL Supply, we offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Want to join the NGL team?

Interested in the opportunity to work with great people and seasoned industry experts at a large (and still growing) international business?

We’re always looking to add to the NGL Team

Although we don’t have any vacancies right now, we’re always looking to add new members to our ever-growing team. If you think you’d be a valuable addition to the NGL team, please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Careers at NGL’.